The Story Of George And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of mice and men is a brilliant story of two ranch workers trying to make it. In this story George and Lennie start out on a road trying to make it to their new ranch by supper. This is a book that keeps you wondering the whole time. And by the end it will have asking why or even crying. Today, there were two new workers added to the ranch. Their names were George and Lennie; one was short and skinny with dark complexion, the other his opposite tall thick bodied man with light skin. They seemed pretty normal although the big one was pretty quiet. Today Lennie, one of the new workers had some trouble with the boss’s son Curley. No fights broke out, but one look at Curley's face and it was easy to see he was fuming. Hopefully for there…show more content…
Earlier on this year Slim had promised him a pup from his new litter. But when Lennie tried to pet it he accidentally broke its neck. Carlson then told him that he could have another one when they get to be a little bit bigger. Candy and George have been celebrating all day, talking about how there two stakes away from being able to leave this ranch. They say there going to all pitch in for a little house with an acre somewhere outside town. All their happiness’ and celebrating started to make me wonder if maybe I could pitch with them. Maybe have some land of my own too. Today was probably the best day on the ranch in a while. There seemed to be more hope and compassion among the men. This was surely due partly to how excited and close the three men were to there dream. Just the thought of three ranchers helping each other towards the same goal is unheard of. Today, I asked the guys if I could pitch in on the house with them. To my surprise they were more then happy to except me. And now with my added stake we will be able to leave the ranch sooner and start our new lives. This whole change in people that I have been able to witness, has been

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