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"The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin is about Louise Mallard, a heart diseased young woman, who recently learns the death of her husband in a train accident. Weeping like any typical housewife would do, she finally pulls her self together after a short while. Actualizing the facts she becomes overwhelmed with joy that she is now on her own, living an independent, and self-assured life. However her sudden dream comes to an end when Mr. Mallard barges into the front door. Louise's goals for her true self have dramatically fell short, as did her life. Chopin's central idea of the story shows that only through the true self can one find life worth living. The main character, Louis Mallard, seems to be a dynamic character showing change throughout the story. At the beginning it reveals Mrs. Mallard to be delicate as shes "afflicted with heart trouble."(375) Moreover, learning of her husbands death puts her in great grief but only for a short while. Having an inflated sense of self assurance she begins to realize shes now free to her true self."There would be no one to live for during those coming years;she would live for herself."(376) However, with in an hour she learns the death of her husband has been a lie when he walks through the front door. Sending her in immediate shock she suddenly dies of what the doctor calls a "heart disease--of joy that kills."(377) By the end Mrs. Mallard's personality reflects the central idea due to her sudden assumption of being free from her husband and living for her true self. Mr. Mallard is clearly the supporting character, and is also considered to have static characteristics due to his short existence in the story. Inclined to think he's dead most of the story, he however doesn't appear until the end of the story. Though were not educated about him, Mrs. Mallard does however insinuate clues assuming that he's a working
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