The Story Of An Hour

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A Woman Killed By The Dream of Freedom Kate Chopin's “The Story of an Hour” is a beautifully put together tale in which she uses multiple elements to exemplify a woman's hidden desire for freedom. Mrs. Mallard a frail woman with a heart condition is gently told that her husband has passed away in a railroad accident. She grieves for a moment weeping with “sudden, wild abandonment (Chopin)” and then experiences immense joy because she is “Free! Body and soul free! (Chopin.)” , that is until her husband walks in the door. Ironically at that moment Mrs. Mallard passes away. Chopin chooses a setting and theme that complement each other well and work together to tell us the interestingly sad story of Mrs. Mallard. The theme of “The Story of an Hour” seems to have a strong theme of repression and a grave desire for freedom. Without directly saying so Chopin suggest Mrs Mallard is trapped by her husband. The character is referred to as only Mrs.Mallard whereas her husband is addressed by his first name, Brentley. Mrs Mallard only gets the courtesy of her first name after she hears of her husbands death, when she feels most free for that hour. Yet as soon as her husband returns she is referred to only as wife. Mrs. Mallard is the stereotypical 1800's woman who is under the control of her husband. She is always living her life to please him. Is it possible that she was so concerned tip toeing around him that her heart condition was created by her emotional weakness. Upon hearing of her husband Brentley's death Mrs Mallard finds a new strength in herself. She finds the woman inside her who has been longing to be free and have her own will, to live for herself. For one hour she is an independent woman. The setting of this story is essential. The story takes place in the 1800's in the house of The Mallard's. Had this story taken place in another time it may

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