The Story of an Hour Essay

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Quinn 1 Kenneth Quinn Dr. Ashby Writing 102: Writing II 19 January 2013 “The story of an hour” The short story that every man reads and wonders, “Is my wife thinking that about me?” The story about a young woman and the sudden news that her husband had been killed in a railroad accident.It is a strong reminder that the husband does not always know what the wife is feeling. Mrs. Mallard “afflicted with heart trouble” (The story of an Hour 80) was like many women in today’s society. She was married to a man she could not stand. Makes one wonder what is the spouse or girlfriend really thinking when we are together. Does the girl stick around because she is in fear of not being able to find someone else? Or does she stick around because she is fearful that her lover might react violently? Not sure we will ever know. The question comes up then, what has really changed in today’s society? Sitting in a mall eating lunch you hear it, sitting at a bus stop you hear it, walking the halls at school you hear it, almost anywhere you go you can overhear a girl or woman talking to a friend about how much she hates the man or relationship she is in. The fear of being alone might be the right answer. Quinn 2 The man in story who was supposed dead is “ Brentley Mallard” not much of a description of him; “ a little travel stained, composedly carrying his gripsack and umbrella” (The Story of an Hour 82) but the picture comes to mind of a middle aged man, well dressed and probably a thin mustache. One wonders what this man did to deserve such hatred from his spouse

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