The Story of a Hour: the Joy of Freedom Essay

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Kate Chopin’s Story of an Hour is a short story that covers and entails the excruciating pain that one hour of misunderstanding can do to a conflicted woman’s life. In the beginning of this short story, the main character, Louise Mallard has recently received the tragic news that her husband has been slaughter in a rail road accident that took his life. Mrs. Mallard, now widowed, immediately rushes to her bedroom to grief in the loss of her husband. Mrs. Mallard shows to be contemplating. After a while of grief and agony Mrs. Mallard, slowly, comes to a conclusion that makes her realize that she is no longer defined by her marriage. She is no longer bound to the rules of society that are detailed and kept by the world around her. The societal normalities of marriage that include the troublesome worry filled nights that came with Mr. Ballard’s railroad job, the laundry for two, and the simple wearing of a ring is now depleted from her life. Upon realization of her newly found free life, Mrs. Mallard’s mood changes and she returns to the down stairs area of her home. Upon the receding of the upper level of the home, Louise stumbles upon something that takes her newly found attitude to the scarce halt. As her feet creep to the last step she stops only to find Brently Mallard steadily walking through the door. It was a ghost in the flesh. Someone who she had already said goodbye to in her past hour. Louise Mallard, immediately, collapses from the shock of seeing her husband. When the doctors arrive to the Mallard home they pronounced Mrs. Mallard dead from heart disease and of “…joy that kills.” But what did Mrs. Mallard really die from? Was it the joy from seeing her dead husband walk through the door? Or was it the shock and disappointment that her new found freedom was now gone? Or was it neither? “The joy that kills” is something that I interpret as a

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