The Storm Essay

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CALIXTA’S INNER STORM “The Storm” was written by Kate Chopin in the late 1800’s. During the Victorian era, social norms were very different than they are now. Society expected women to become young wives and mothers. Most days were spent working around the home. They were expected to perform the duties of cooking, cleaning, washing and sewing, all the while taking care of the children. Women were expected to perform these duties without complaint. Nothing less than total honesty and faithfulness to their husbands would suffice. Although this story literally describes a storm, one can clearly see the inner storm of the main character, Calixta. This author paints for us a picture of a past relationship, the chance meeting of two lovers, their affair and the renewed devotion to family that this affair brought them. In the story, Calixta had been acquainted with Alcee before she had married. They had a love affair of sorts, although the relationship had not been consummated. The narrator is quick to point out that Alcee had left her as pure as he had found her when he fled to save her innocence. They had felt a passionate desire for one another before their marriages that had apparently been left to smolder in the background of their busy lives. They were forced to deal with these feelings when Alcee took shelter at Calixta’s home. When Alcee first arrived Calixta struggled to think only of the safety of her husband and son. Calixta had been a devoted housewife before the storm and she had every intention of staying that way. It is true that not all acts of adultery are intended. Calixta wanted to remain faithful and honest to Bobinot but wanting gave way to desire. The battle between her feelings for her family and her desire for Alcee was definitely Calixta’s inner storm. It did not take long for the feelings Calixta had once felt for Alcee to

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