The Stolen Generation Essay

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The stolen generation The stolen generations devastated many people, Caused families to be torn apart, made the aboriginals culture and beliefs lost and many families still are torn apart and many cant Why and who were taken? The stolen generation is a large group of people that were taken from their families in the twentieth century. The aboriginals that were taken away were all had “white blood.” They were taken to make them a working class and they were assimilated, which meant * Speaking their language and practicing their customs was forbidden. * They were taken miles away from their home land which meant they wouldn’t find their totems. * The children were told they were orphans. * Family visits were forbidden * All letters from family was destroyed. The white Australians also believed that the Torres Strait Islander people who were not full blooded should be assimilated into the white society so that all aboriginals would die out. As the government saw the percentage on half blooded children being born and they were getting worried that they could not be reconciled with the White Australia policy. The government’s solution to this “problem” was to make the children become servants and workers for the whites. The government also thought that the children would be better off in a white society How they were taken and treated? The Aboriginals were forced out of their homes and taken away from their families. Most of them were brought up in churches and state institutions. Children were sometimes fostered or adopted to white parents. Those who lived in institutions had in very poor living conditions and had very bad food. Many of the children suffered

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