The Starry Night Essay

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DUE APRIL 23rd 5:00pm In order to explore your creativity and learn more about the story of artists and art throughout history I am asking you to prepare a report on a piece of art by an artist of your choice. This artwork should be the piece chose for the “remake” (section D). You will have a week to finish; this is in place of your written midterm exam. What to research about your artist: Section A Basic Biography-write about your artist’s life.  Date of birth and death (if applicable)  Nationality  Education  Where the artist lived/lives  Where/how your artist’s career began and why  People/events influential to your artist  Brief review of his/her entire career -- include as artist and other jobs Section B Analysis of art-write about one example of your artist’s work that you have chosen for the DIGITAL IMAGE ASSIGNMENT.  Discuss the subject matter of the artwork – what is the artwork a picture of? Does it use line, shape, color, value, texture, space; is it 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional? How/where are these elements shown in the work-- be specific.  What tools (example-brushes) and medium (example-paint) are used to make the art?  What is the artwork about - people, places, ideas, real things or imaginary concepts?  What artistic style is the art part of, for example realism, abstraction, expressionism?  What influenced the artist when he/she made the work – history, culture, society, etc.?  What interesting comments or thoughts made about the image or artist are available? Section C Reflection -- discuss your opinion(s) about the artist.  Why do you like the artist’s work?  How has the artist’s work, his/her story or the movement he/she was part of influenced your own art, creative thinking, or view of the world? Section D Remake – discuss how and why you want to

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