The Starry Night Essay

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People look for hope in their life. Hope is what we live for and what makes us keep moving forward. This is why we are able to face the reality, which we always have to deal with no matter what the hope is. An absence of hope sometimes makes us take extraordinary action. It could be a time to change, chance to find a new way of looking at life or it could be an end of life. Artists are always trying to find and show what the reality is in their paintings. Painters spend their entire life in grope, doubt, struggle, belief and confidence as they paint to find an answer. Sometimes their lives appear in painting. Every brush stroke of masterpiece is a locus of these thoughts that has been highly valued around the world. The art movements are all the achievements that are created by groups of artists who had common vision in their paintings. Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of these great painters who are considered as post impressionists. His use of primary color directly on to the canvas comes from the Impressionism. He started to find his own style and express his emotion directly in the painting. In his painting The Starry Night (1889) he expresses his inner, strong feelings on canvas. This imaginary landscape is a reflection of his mental agony and the whirling air and the blinking stars are projections of his anxiety, longing and unsatisfied hope. He kept painting until he killed himself. In this paper I am going to explain how the movement influenced him and how he reacted to the movement in the way he painted The Starry Night. The Starry Night is a night scene, an imaginary landscape van Gogh painted in mental hospital at Saint Remy. It is not an ordinary quiet night of the village. It consists of strong brush strokes which create strong, continuous whirl of air and the light of stars. A cypress tree stands as if it is a black flame

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