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Star in the West A Critical Essay Upon the Works of Aleister Crowley By J.F.C. Fuller This eBook was prepared by HKA June, 2004 Art provided by Frater T.S./Celephaïs Press Cover art was reconstructed from the original edition. This eBook was created from the Health Research edition published in 1969. Star in the West was originally published by The Walter Scott Publishing Company of New York in 1907. This text is in the public domain. “Evoe! Evoe Ho! Iacche! Iacche!” “If you hold by anything in the world more than by reason, truth, and justice; if your will be uncertain and vacillating, either in good or evil; if logic alarm you, or the naked truth make you blush; if you are hurt when accepted errors are assailed; condemn this work straight away; do not read it; let it cease to exist for you; but at the same time do not cry it down as dangerous.” ELIPHAS LÉVI. PREFACE Non mihi subtilem calamum si cedat Apelles Quae tibi sunt dotes, posse notare putem. I.N.R.I. AT first sight it may appear to the casual reader of this essay, that the superscription on its cover is both froward and perverse, and contrary to the sum of human experience. This however I trust he will find is not the case, and, as Ianthe, will discover that after the mystic union has been consummated, the beautiful daughter of Ligdus and Telethusa was as acceptable a young husband as ever wooed nymph on the shaded slopes of Ida. Much has been written concerning stars, both terrestrial and celestial, and not a little regarding that capricious star which gleamed over the humble manger-bed of the Son of Man. Dark seas of blood have long since lapped that star of the morning into the crimson oblivion of day, whose empurpled strife has also rumbled into the distance as the droning of some drowsy fire-finger on the sleeping parchment of life, murmuring and moaning as the

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