The Stability of Enterprise Essay

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The stability of enterprise In Modern world, if corporate want to achieve their own function, they need a variety of resources: human, financial, material and time according to certain rules to organize and maintain its stability, but if all entrepreneurs consider the size of the enterprise stability? How to do in order to guarantee the stability of the enterprise? Corporate stability, in the entire life cycle, enterprises need to constantly repeated itself the operation to maintain the stability of the organization. This need the staff, resources and operations to maintain a certain stability. And to ensure that enterprises can maintain stability, you need a feedback loop, that is, a set of "feedback - control", it’s able to assess how much of the deviation from the target, and then take the adjustment measures. The division of labor within the enterprise systems, different subsystems play a different role, merge the same functionality and content, implemented in a relatively fixed departments or jobs to do, it is the organization set up and job design. Stability and inertia, stability and inertia are a twin brothers. Whether the structure of the organization, Or the mode of operation, if you want to keep stability, in the case does not change, bound to maintain the existing status - inertia. Within the enterprise in a continuous growth process, there are two effects occur simultaneously. One is conducive to the development of enterprises, and to promote the growth of private enterprise, profitable, etc. to promote the growth and survival of the enterprise, that is, to increase the stability of the enterprise, known as assimilation; a destructive role for enterprise organizations, enterprises do not follow called catabolism. These two effects simultaneously exist in enterprises throughout the life course. Organizational learning and

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