The Squire Essay

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A Portrait of The Squire in Chaucer’s “The General Prologue” “The General Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer, begins with Chaucer describing the coming of spring. April showers, and the newly blooming trees and flowers give us the impression that the pilgrims are celebrating the return of spring. The travelers consist of 29 diverse pilgrims who are all headed off to the Canterbury Cathedral to visit the shrine of Sir Thomas Becket. Chaucer has met each of the characters and has spoken to them. He recalls and describes them based on his first impressions and by memory. In the “General Prologue,” the Squire’s youthfulness contributes to his beliefs of courtly love, but also how it goes against chivalric tradition. The Squire enjoys being young and free and getting lots of attention through his appearance and personality. This young bachelor has fashionably curled hair and wears a colorful gown that is embroidered with flowers. It is short with long sleeves. This provides juxtaposition to his father because the Knight is plain and humble when it comes to his appearance. It shows that the Squire really loves attention with his eye-catching attire. He is “as fressh as in the month of May”(line 92). He is average height, and is strong and agile just like his father. Furthermore, the Squire has many attributes that make him pleasing. “He coude songs make, and wel edite, /Juste and eek daunce, and wel portraye and write”(Line 95-96). The Squire is a very creative person that enjoys having fun. Singing, dancing, and composing lyrics are a few examples of his talents. As a youthful man, his talents and creativeness will benefit him in his bright future. As a young attendant to his father, the Squire possesses all of the socially desirable attributes that were expected of him in his position. He “hadde been som time in chivachye/ In Flandres, in
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