The Spread Of The Plague In China

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Many people have different reasons why the plague started, the church said the plague was punishment for sinful ways, but it is also said that the black plague originated in central China in 1333, no one knows how it came to be. As a result to this China used the dead bodies as biological warfare, thus starting the spread of the plague. The plague spread along the silk road and was also said to be spread by “fleas on rats”. Rats were bit by fleas who were infected with the plague. When the fleas had their fill they would hop off the rat and onto their next victim, most likely a human, infecting them with the plague. The plague reached London around 1348 and people were dying rapidly. Horrible living conditions made the plague easier and faster to spread. This allowed the plague to evolve and come about in two different ways.…show more content…
The bumps varied from about the the size of an egg to about the size of a small apple. These symptoms of the plague most always resulted in death. Infected people were usually dead by the 4th day. Some people also tried to remove the bumps by visiting “surgeons.” Surgeons were usually butchers and barbers. Even if the bump was removed, the infected person still usually died because there was no knowledge of germs, and instruments were never disinfected. This plague was easier spread than the bubonic
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