The Spread Of Christianity In The Americas

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The messages of Christianity spread by the missionaries in the mid fifteenth to eighteenth centuries were differently shaped and received by peoples in the Americas and Asia. Depending on the various native cultural, political, and sociological values, the Christian message took on a different impact to each respective group of people. One on end, in the Americas, the political culture was that of invasive force. Led mainly by the Spanish Catholics, the conquistadors sought to conquer the native lands and peoples in the Americas, like the Incas and Aztecs. The after effects of the invasion including widespread disease and overtaking of native land created a setting in which the religion of the victors could take hold (728). Both European…show more content…
Whereas in the Americas, Christianity was being spread in a politically uprooted and shaken society, Christianity in China was being spread in an already prominent Eastern, Confucian culture and society during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Because of this already existing culture, Christian missionaries took a more academic approach, learning Chinese and classical Confucian texts in order to dialogue with Chinese scholars. Initially, the downplayed their aim to gain converts and focused more on their interest of exchanging ideas and learning from ancient Chinese culture. The missionaries were respectful of Chinese culture and actually gained favor of the scholars and officials. However, the success of Christian missions dwindled, as Christianity did not have as much to offer to the already established Chinese society with their Confucian beliefs and faith. Eventually, Christians were forced out of China following Emporer Kangxi’s forbidding of Westerners to spread Christian doctrine in China. Not only did the emperor dislike the Christians contradictory teachings in comparison to their traditions, but he also feared the same European aggressiveness that had been observed in the Philippines and

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