The Sperm And The Egg Essay

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The Sperm and the Egg William Brown Psy/265 Axia College, University of Phoenix October 24, 2010 The Sperm and the Egg The Seminiferous tubules were working their magic, very soon Bill the Sperm would be fully developed. In about 72 days he would be staring the journey of a lifetime, and although very short it would make a big impact. These tubes were allowing spermatogenesis, the process by which sperm cells are produced and developed. In this early stage of development sperm cells have 46 chromosomes, including one x and one y sex chromosome. Slightly before full maturity spermatids are formed, this is the splitting of the spermatocytes where each one is left with 23 chromosomes. Finally at the end of the 72 days spermatozoa is formed. Now that Bill was a fully developed sperm he was ready to make his way out of the testes where all of this had taken place. There was something bigger out there waiting for him. Suddenly there was a shift in things, something was happening. On the outside the testes and the penis were being stimulated. Blood began flowing through the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, the spongy tissue that swelled when aroused. Arousal begins with the stimulating of nerve endings found in all areas of the penis, especially those found in the head of the penis or the glands and the underside called the frenulum. Once this begins signals are sent from the brain to the penis and testes to start the process. All of this results in an erection. Now that the penis was erect this would allow Bill the sperm to travel through the seminal vesicles which are small glands that open into the ejaculatory dusts. When Bill finally reached this area it was time for final preparations. With the fructose flowing through him now he was ready. By whipping his tail back and forth he was on his way. Kay the egg on the other hand was not formed this

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