The Sperm And The Egg Essay

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When sperm fertilizes an egg, conception occurs. For conception to occur the sperm and egg must meet. This is a story about how Eric, the sperm and Jane, the egg meet for the first time. The moment Eric and Jane come together a new individual is formed. Jane was produced at the time she was in a fetus's ovaries. It has been over 22 years since she and five million others like her were produced. It is an exciting day for Jane because unlike all the others she was chosen to meet Eric. Eric also feels awesome today because unlike all the other millions of sperm discharged, he was the only one that made it to the finish and met Jane. The beginning of Eric and Jane’s story starts when they first came about. Let's look at how they were created from the beginning to the end. Eric started out in the seminiferous tubules, also known as the male testes. He has been here maturing for over two months. Before the journey begins, Eric moves to the epididymis just waiting for the release that moves him through the urethra. While in the urethra he is combined with a substance that helps him with his long journey to the egg, also known as Jane. It all starts to happen when Eric, the sperm and the substance are discharged from the penis with force caused by pelvic muscle contractions. This is where he exits the penis and enters the vagina he finally has a purpose in life unlike the other sperm. The sperm is a little tiny male sex cell. If you could examine them under a microscope they would actually look like little tiny tadpoles. Sperm is so tiny that you can’t see just one with the human eye. The sperm is made in the male testicles and it takes about 72 days just to make one. A female egg is produced in a woman’s body every month that she has a menstrual cycle and it only lives anywhere from 12-24 hours maximum after ovulation. If a woman is trying to get pregnant it is a good idea

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