The Sperm And The Egg Essay

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The Sperm and the Egg By Jessica Esqueda PSY265 2011 Once upon a man, there was a testicle. The testicle was a droopy fellow, not one to be called the perky type, but he was happy to spend his days hanging out with his twin brother and commenting on the activities of their neighbor, Penis. Unfortunately, these two brothers were known for jostling one another as they constantly fought to share the small space within their state of the art Scrotum condom-inium. It happened one afternoon that the man upon which the testes lived came into contact with a female. He immediately saw that it was his duty to populate the earth with the offspring of this female’s womb. The Testicle brothers were so shocked by the appearance of this female that they failed to lock up their naughty dog, Testosterone, and he promptly escaped and went racing straight to the man’s Brain. Once in the hypothalamus, it was very difficult to control Testosterone, and he ran rampant as the man caught a glimpse of the undressed female. Suddenly, everything became very chaotic! Brain quickly sent a message down the Spinal Column to the testes, commenting on the eroticism of the naked female. Penis, the testicles’ nosy neighbor, swelled with excitement at the thought. “Naked female!” He shouted. “We must impregnate! Release me, Man!” Penis stretched his neck to catch another glimpse of the female as the man obliged and released his old friend from the dingy confinement of his trousers. Performance anxiety nibbling at his consciousness, Man looked down to check on the state of his friends. Erection was established. All systems were a go! Penis and the Testicle brothers cheered as Woman approached. Nearby, on the body of Woman, a fatty maiden named Mons Veneris looked out from her vantage point between Woman’s thighs. She could see Penis and his friends fast approaching, and squealed in a small

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