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“To hell with tomorrow. To hell with all the problems and barriers. Nothing matters now but the Spectacular Now” (92) In Tim Tharp’s The Spectacular Now, Sutter focuses on the now. Sutter believes there's no time like the present and that life has a lot less problems, when you just live in the moment. Focusing only on the present, results in Sutter’s inability to make future plans, or have dreams, "why start a family when families get torn apart." Sutter has no positive role models. He is freaked out by the thought of entering the adult world, so he does everything to avoid it, alcohol becomes, both friend and family for Sutter. When something good comes along. He does not think he deserves it. This attitude causes him to lose out on love. Sutter lacks lasting human relationships but his flask of whiskey is a comforting presence. In The Spectacular Now, it’s good to live in the present, but by not focusing on the future you can lose out on the purpose of life. “That type of dream just kind of wears out with time like a favorite old t-shirt. One day, it's nothing but tatters and all you can do is throw it over on the rag pile with the others.” (143). Sutter is so preoccupied with living in the now, he does not dream or make plans for his future, to Sutter a dream is only one step away from a nightmare. While all of Sutter’s friends are applying for Collage, and planning their lives he completely avoids it. He does have one dream: the dream of his dad being a great guy, someone he could imitate and emulate. Sutter shares a memory of going to a ballgame; he is six year's old and asks his Father for a drink of beer. His Father passes the bottle to him and he drinks down 1/2 bottle of the beer. He remembers his Father being proud of him. Sutter also believes that his Mother sent his Father away; she never did share with Sutter that he left, abandoned his family.

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