The Spanish Inquisition and the Torture Tactics Essay

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The Spanish Inquisition and The Torture Tactics The country of Spain experienced vast amounts of events in the country’s history for example, the Punic Wars, the War of Succession and the Reconquista. All these events plus other important events has molded Spain and created a rich and interesting history. In Spain’s history majority of events cannot compare to the fearful and disturbing Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition was one of the many events in Spain’s History. The Spanish Inquisition started in 1478 a little bit after the Reconquista and in the Los Reyes Catholicos era. The purpose was to cleanse Spain of all non-believers of Jesus Christ, especially the Jews. The methods the Inquisition generals used were to torture all the non-believers of Christ. The Spanish Inquisition was a horrifying experience for all the individuals who didn’t believe in Christ. Before the Inquisition reached Spain it was practiced in Europe. Pope Innocent III instituted inquisitions in Rome, but Pope Gregory IX established Inquisitions in 1233(CIATION). The Inquisition was established to help punish citizens who failed to believe in the dominate religion. In 1255 the inquisition was sweeping the Western Europe, excluding England and Scandinavia. The inquisitions in Europe, in a way influenced Spain to cleanse their country also. In 1478 the Spanish Inquisition started with the Los Reyes Catholicos, asking the Pope for permission to cleanse their country. The goal of the Spanish Inquisition was to expel all the individuals in Spain who didn’t believe in Christ. The citizens who would be prosecuted were, the Jews, Muslims, Protestants and other religion that went against the dominate religion which was Catholic and Christianity. The impact of the Spanish Inquisition Kristina, A., Werling, Chad, E., Anderson, & Kristin, Kreger. (1997, May 5). The Spanish

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