The Spanish Inquisition Essay

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Long before the 15th Century, Jews were occupying Spain. They became extremely influential in Spain’s economy and were living formidably along with the many Christians in Spain. Although the Jews had their own religion, language, and laws, they were still able to get along with the Christians. Jews at the beginning of the 15th century held good positions in the work industry. They worked as administrators, tax collectors and diplomats along with Christians. Jews were also extremely skilled in trade; hence they became leaders in the cloth, furniture, and jewelry industries. They were able to profit from lending money for a fee, which at that time Catholics were not allowed to do. Having noticed all of this, King Ferdinand V and Isabella felt that the Jews were taking control of the economy and religion in Spain and decided to take action (Proach, 2009). The main reason as to why the Spanish Inquisition took place remains debatable. There was obviously more than one reason for the Spanish inquisition to take place, but some may say that it occurred only to make sure that all of the population in Spain was loyal to the Roman Catholic Church. Part of the reason why the Spanish inquisition took place originates all the way from the Reconquesta of Spain. Ferdinand V of Aragon and Isabella of Castile wanted to make Spain fully Christian. After being notified by Alonso de Ojeda about the spread of Judaism throughout the country, Queen Isabella decided to take action. He pointed out to her the many Jews who had converted to Catholicism yet they continued practicing Jewish beliefs. Jews were claiming to be Christians in order to have power and control- or at least that is what Alonso de Ojeda believed. The Jews that had converted to Christianity were referred to as Conversos and the Muslims that had converted to Christianity were referred to as Moriscos. Conversos were

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