The Spanish Armada Essay

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(Remove in text citations if not using book by Colin Martin and Geoffrey Parker The Spanish Armada set sail in July of 1588 (19). The goal was to overthrow Protestant England who was led by Queen Elizabeth I the time (59). This proved to be a very expensive task for the Spanish as the English celebrated and Sir Francis Drake was praised. In the 16th century, Spain controlled what is now Holland and Belgium (47). Protestant ideas spread to Holland and many secretly converted (49). Philip II was aware of this and wanted to put it to an end, so a Spanish secret religious police called the Inquisition was sent to prosecute any non-Catholics (48). While Elizabeth ruled, the English helped the Protestants in Holland. For a short while, Philip II was married to Elizabeth’s half sister, Mary (58). During this time, England was Catholic and Philip had control over the English Channel and he could easily get from Spain to the Spanish Netherlands (12). English sea-dogs had been causing damage to Spain’s trade in silver. Sir Francis Drake and other men attacked Spanish ships and often were sunk or had their cargo stolen (67). This had a horrible impact financially for Spain. Tension continued to build and in 1587, Mary, Queen of Scots was executed in England by the orders of Elizabeth (101). Philip felt he needed to make sure no more Catholics were arrested or executed and so he attacked England. The Spanish lost the war before it even started mainly due to heavily underestimating the English. The Spanish had felt that if they told England about planning to attack, the English would be scared. Quite the contrary occurred as Sir Francis Drake attacked Cadiz harbor and destroyed and damaged many ships that were being prepared for the Spanish Armada at the time (116). Many resources were lost along with the destroyed ships such as biscuits, olive oil, wine, and much salted

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