The Soviet Union Was Aggressively Expansionist And

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Détente was a permanent relaxation in international affairs during the Cold War rather than just a temporary relaxation. It is evident to say that little substantive evidence to support this view or argue that it was simply a means to an end for the Soviet Union to establish greater influence. However, the Soviet Union was aggressively expansionist and that such an approach was consistent with any form of Détente. Detente was cause by needs of the USSR – 'peaceful coexistence'. In order to improve economic conditions, provide access to western technology and supplies and recognition from the West for the sphere of influence. The achievements were during the Mid 70s when the Helsinki Agreements occurred. It was seen as a step towards reducing Cold War tensions and hopefully for the Soviet Union the rules on Nation borders would change. Europe. The Helsinki agreements recognised Soviet control over Eastern Europe because it dictated confrontation and expansion abroad. Russia promised to respect human rights but Brezhnev didn't have the intentions for honouring the human rights but the U.S needed Détente to occur because they believed the Soviet Union was strong and going to get stronger. During these agreement SS20s were being targeted at Western Europe Salt II lasted from 1972 to 1979. It was a progression from Salt I trying to provide limits on weapon systems and to put restraints on future developments. MIRV systems were finally limited for both the U.S and Soviet Union. There was a ban on new construction of new land based ICBM launchers so they couldn't be another threat for the future. Neither Russia nor America kept to the SALT1 agreement. The restraints didn't improve the situation because many of them may have stopped them of using and start a nuclear war but they couldn't be anger threat for the future. The Orthodox view point completely determined
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