The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and Its Affects on Pakistan Essay

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THE SOVIET INVASION OF AFGHANISTAN AND ITS AFFECTS ON PAKISTAN Thesis: The Soviet invasion along with the United States’ utilization of Pakistan to dissolve communist efforts in Afghanistan resulted in significant political, social, and economical consequences in Pakistan. I. Political affects on Pakistan resulting from the Soviet invasion to Afghanistan. A. Pakistani and US training of the Mujahedeen to combat Soviet efforts. 1. This is a direct act of the US to maintain political dominance over a communist USSR. 2. General Zia and the ISI acted as a mediator for the US, providing militant training in Afghanistan. B. Subsequent to the Soviet invasion the US provides Pakistan with military support. 1. US recognize Pakistan occupies a position of geopolitical importance. 2. In response Pakistan accepts assistance package from US to strengthen militant resistance. II. A consequential response to the communist invasion is evident throughout the social structure of Pakistan. A. An influx of refugees from Afghanistan caused significant problems for the Pakistani government to deal with. 1. Incoming refugees occupy Pakistani real estate and labor. 2. The quantity of refugees needed sufficient financial support for food and housing. B. Violence greatly increases due to US assistance and the impeding war culture from Afghanistan. 1. A Kalashnikov culture formed due to the import of weapons by the US to support Mujahedeen militants. 2. Organized crime and drugs increase due to the greater volume of violent culture entering the country. III. Pakistan saw economic fluctuations, both progressive and adverse, from various components of

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