The Sound Of Music Essay

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The sound of music The movie is based on a true story about two different lives, Maria and the captain Georg Von Trapp’s life. These two stories take place at one at the 1930's in Austria when the Nazi’s party wanted to take over the country of Austria. Maria was a postulant to become a nun, but her feelings weren't the same as the others nuns’ postulants, because her life was music and joy. While she was at the church she always sang “The sound of music” at the hills, but she knew that she won’t do that anymore being a nun. And the other part of the story is when the wife of the navy captain Georg Von Trapp died, leaving him alone with 7 children. Without a woman who helps he with the kids Captain Von Trapp was a strict father, that’s when Georg wrote a letter to the church asking for a governess to help him with the kids. The nuns sent Maria to be their governess for a while. When Maria arrives, the kids weren’t nice at all with her but with the music and her sense of humor Maria makes the kids love her, bringing fun when the family desperately needs joy into all their lives with songs and dance. At the time Georg began to fall in love with Maria, she started feeling the same way. But this love story has 2 problems: Georg is engaged to a Baroness who knows that Georg was falling in love with Maria doing a plan to send Maria again to the church and Maria is still a postulant to the church but she feels miserable being a nun. Nevertheless the love always wins; making the Baroness run away to her country making the captain Georg and Maria get married. But on another hand while Maria and the Captain went to their honey moon, the Nazi party got the country. When Maria Von Trap and her husband arrive to their honey moon the captain Von Trapp is called back to active duty in the service of the Nazis. The Captain was worried because didn't support Nazism, and it was very

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