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The Last Spin Questions Ms Cross ECM 11 1. Name four terms in the story that are slang words. Explain how they are used and what they really mean. 2. What makes Tigo and Danny different in their appearance? 3. The gun on the table was a Smith & Wesson .38 Police Special – what does it mean that it is a Police Special? How do you think Danny got the gun? 4. Why did Tigo and Danny have to meet? What were they meant to do? 5. How soon into the story did you know that Tigo and Danny were gang members? What clue in the story did you pick up on? 6. What do Tigo and Danny have in common? Name at least three things. 7. According to the boys, how can you tell that a gun is “a good piece”? 8. Why are guns so fascinating to the characters? Do you find guns interesting? Are we not supposed to be afraid of them? Explain. 9. “Hey maybe sometime we could… Tigo cut himself short.” Tigo was trying to make plans to see Danny again, but stopped himself; why? How do you think this made Tigo and Danny feel? 10. Danny and Tigo don’t seem to like the other “guys in your club”, why do you think that is? Is being part of a gang supposed to be about liking the other members? Why would someone be part of a gang? 11. Why do you think that the boys have to “stick with the club”? What would happen to them otherwise? 12. Do you think that anyone on either ‘club’ really like Tigo or Danny? Why do you think that they were the ones sent? 13. Explain Tigo’s reaction at the end of the story, why did he cry? 14. Would you have gone and played the game if you were part of a gang? What else could have Tigo and Danny done to avoid this? 15. Do you think that Tigo and Danny were brave? Why or why not? 16. What do you think happens when Tigo leaves the basement? What will he say to his ‘club’? What would you have
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