The Soul of a New Machine Essay

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Introduction This story is about Data General Corporation and the development of their first 32-bit Eagle computer. A group of engineers in the Eagle Eclipse Project, led by project manager Tom West, invented and designed a 16-bit compatible 32-bit computer in a little over a year with a radically new design that was more than competitive in a young computer market. They were only allowed to use the software from the 16-bit machine to create a 32-bit computer. However, the team was not restricted to how they could do it and hence it allows for many innovation and working opportunities for many young and fresh college graduates to work in Data General. It is a rare opportunity as usually other big companies would not have given them the opportunity to play such a major role in a project like the Eagle project did. Also, it is interesting that Data General adopted a unique management process where there is very little direction from the management. Hence, the groups working on projects are left on their own to design and solve problems when encountering them. With this, I find it interesting to discuss the things that the Eagle project did to get the best from its people and the actions or environmental factors that likely had the opposite effect. Describe the things the Eagle project did to get the best from its people Shortage of capable new employees and difficulty of successfully integrating a large number of new people into the company are among the top problems of rapid growth and sometimes the reasons for failure faced by many start-up companies. It is definitely worth noting how a start-up company or a new project is successful in hiring new people and getting the best from its people. 1) Tom West motivated his team by capturing their interest that they are in a team which was going to disrupt the current state-of-the-art and build the fastest and cheapest
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