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The Sonnet A sonnet is a poem writen in a certain way basically. It is written in iambic pentameter, which means that it has ten beats per line that alternate stressed and unstressed syllables. It has a strict rhyme scheme such as: ABAB / CDCD / EFEF / GG. They also only have fourteen lines that are divided into four parts that are called quatrains. The sonnet is the best forn of poetry writing What is a Sonnet A sonnet is broken into four quatrains. The first three have four lines each and switches its rhyme scheme, while the last quatrain only has two lines that rhyme. It should look like this: ABAB This should reveal the sonnets subject. CDCD This one develops the sonnets theme. EFEF This quatrain should round the theme off. GG the last quatrain should conclude the sonnet. Why People Use Sonnets Houston 2 People write sonnets because they’re short, but they’re long enough to get your point across. The amount of lines that you are able to write in a sonnet give you the space you need to develop ideas, but not so much space to where you are struggling to grasp more words to fill 4other empty lines. People also write sonnets because they are hard. As a matter of fact, writing a good sonnet is very hard. It’s especially hard when you’re following all the rules. Having to go over your lines repeatitively may cause your work much better than wrinting it with a more sloppy “anything goes” attitude. The final reason people write sonnets it’s fun. It’s the kind of fun you get from solving crossword and soduku puzzles. Writing the sonnet is challenging, brain working, and time consuming. The Rise of the Sonnet The earliest sonnets were recorded by Giacomo da Lentini. He was part of the royal court Emperor Frederick II during his reign (1220-1250). Giacomo da Lentini is given credit for inventing the sonnet, but a man by the name of Petrarch

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