The Song Sister Essay

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Youwenhui Ge Dr. Nuan Gao Modern China 27th Feb.2014 The Soong Sister The Soong Sister is a historical movie based on the lives of the Soong sisters’ life from 1911 to 1949, and I think it is more like a movie that describes love, friendship, and family relationships among the Soong sisters and their family members and their husbands. The story begins with the Soong sister’s childhood during the late Qing Dynasty. Their father Charlie Soong was a wealthy and knowledgeable man who was educated in a western country. He loved his motherland and he also wanted all the Chinese to be able to get rid of poor, so he supports the Democracy Revolution in China in secret, which was lead by Sun Yat-sen. He sent his three daughters to study aboard in Wesleyan College in American when they were very young. After they graduated, the eldest one, Soong Ai-ling was married to K’ung Hsiang-hsi, He was the richest man in China at that time. As for the middle one, Soong Ching, she was married with Sun Yat-sen although her father did not agree with this. The youngest, Soong May-ling, married Ching Kai-shek. Sun Yat-sen became the father of Republic China and he found the Nationalist party after the Qing Dynastic was overthrown, But he died very young of cancer and left Ching-ling alone to face the Chinese reunification. After Sun Yat-sen died, Ching Kai-shek became the most powerful one in China. He did many things to persecute the Communists and hinder the Chinese reunification. Soong Ching-ling could not stand that; she announced to quiet this party and fought with Ching Kai-shek, even her sisters. From then, the relationship among the three sisters was broken. Soong Ching-ling went to Russia and did not come back until her mother’s death. In 1903, the empire of Japan takes advantage to invade China while the Communists and Nationalist were fighting with each other. Ching

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