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The Song of Roland is an Epic Poem composed of laisses depicting the Battle of Roncevaux in 778. The city of Saragossa is being threatened of capture by Charlemagne. The poem is estimated to of had been written between the years of 1130 and 1170. No author is reported publishing the text; however we can assume that the author is Turoldus. The author is most likely a monk or a member of the lower or higher clergy, though no one is certain of the historical past of the writer (Burgess, p. 14). The French poem is translated by Glenn Burgess containing 298 stanzas. The Song of Roland gives very detailed descriptions of different accounts (although not always historically accurate). The book is written after the time of the Crusades which leads to the influx of dominance through westernization into the non-Christian world. However, the “could be” author Turoldus does not really incorporate much bias into the story. The author was not there when the epic tale took place; they just write the story the way it is known. However, that may not mean that the story itself has previous bias in betted within it from previous being passed down between generations. From the readings, the audience is able to grasp the religious, personal, and political values at the time. The Christian faith is very prominent throughout Charlemagne’s rule. Wherever he goes conquering, he forces his views upon the conquered. He wants his kingdom to eat, breathe, and live Christianity because he believes that is the religion of good faith. He will even stop fighting his rivals and not take their town if they learn how to become good Christians. The Christian good will eventually defeat the Muslim evil since the Christians believe that god always looks over their worshippers even though it may come with some hardships. The author takes a very middle aged approach to the way that religion was perceived.

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