The Socioeconomic Society In Todays Zooss Essay

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A zoological garden, zoological park, menagerie, or zoo is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred. The term zoological garden refers to zoology, the study of animals, a term deriving from the Greek zōon (ζῷον, "animal") and lógos (λóγος, "study"). The abbreviation "zoo" was first used of the London Zoological Gardens, which opened for scientific study in 1828 and to the public in 1847.[1] The number of major animal collections open to the public around the world now exceeds 1,000, around 80 percent of them in cities.[2] Keeping animals in zoos raises concerns for animals rights[3]. Contents [hide] * 1 Etymology * 2 History o 2.1 Ancient world o 2.2 Medieval England o 2.3 Modern era o 2.4 Human exhibits * 3 Appearance and type o 3.1 Open-range zoos o 3.2 Public aquaria o 3.3 Roadside zoos o 3.4 Petting zoos o 3.5 Animal Theme Parks * 4 Sources and care of animals o 4.1 Conservation and research o 4.2 Surplus animals o 4.3 Condition of the animals o 4.4 Live feeding o 4.5 Regulation of zoos + 4.5.1 United States of America + 4.5.2 Europe * 5 Gallery * 6 See also * 7 Notes * 8 References * 9 External Links [edit] Etymology London Zoo, which opened in 1828, first called itself a menagerie or "zoological garden," which is short for "Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society of London."[4] The abbreviation "zoo" first appeared in print in the UK around 1847, when it was used for the Clifton Zoo, but it was not until some twenty years later that the shortened form became popular in the song "Walking in the Zoo on Sunday" by music-hall artist

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