The Society Changes of the United States Essay

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Have you ever thought about how much society has changed over the years for all these different people? The diversity of Americans have had a enormous amount of change over the years, from voting rights to African-American and woman's position in society African-American's place in society has changed grandually over the years. Starting on January 1, 1863 when Abraham Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamtion which states, "I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within these said designated states and are parts of states are and henceforward shall be free..." (172). During the 1870's racial segregation laws passed to separate blacks and whites in public and private areas. These laws soon came to be known as Jim Crow Laws. These laws applied to schools, hospitals, parks, and transportation systems in the South. Despite these restrictive laws, African-Americans were able to reach higher levels of education, for example, blacks founded Howard, Altana, and Fisks Universities between the years 1865 and 1868. The very first African-American, in 1895, to get a dotorate from Havard was W.E.B Du Bios. He founded the Niagara Movement, which stated, on page 285, that African-Americans should be well educated in liberal arts in result of well-educated leaders. In 1896, the Jim Crow law case reached the US Supreme Court. "Plessy v. Ferguson," on page 287 states that the public accommodations did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment and that the court decided that "separate but equal" was indeed fair. When the 1910 and 1920's came around, African-Americans decided to start moving North, which is known as the Great Migration. Hundreds of thousands of African-Americans left their homes in the South believing,"The daybreak found them gone. The wind said North." This quote was stated by Zora Neale Hurston on page 453. A little later, during the 1920's a literary

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