The Social Impact Essay

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Throughout history, Detroit has had many ups and downs. From the moment it became a city in 1701, to the more recent bankruptcy problems, Detroit has been a monumental city. It has laid the foundation for many of the western cities, in our country. Detroit is currently the largest city in the state of Michigan. The city developed from a small fur trading post and has grown to be a world class industrial powerhouse. By the mid 20th century, Detroit was the fourth largest city in American. By the 21st century, the city had developed into America’s premier third-world city ( With the city on the brink of bankruptcy, there are many topics that can be greatly explored and extremely informative for many. The rise and fall of Detroit, is being watched around the world and is setting a foundation for a number of cities that are currently in a similar situation. The downfall and prospective rise again, of the city will be a topic that is greatly explored and will be talked about for years to come. The cities current situation is a product of many problems. Issues that have stemmed back as far as fifty years have had an impact on its current situation. Many of these topics will be explored further and will hopefully shed a light on the cities future. Due to the cities current standing and bankruptcy issues, Detroit has been front and center in the news. The problems that are occurring can potentially affect cities all over the country. There has never been such a large bankruptcy issue, in our country’s history. While conducting research on this issue, many topics were covered and many questions were answered. This is a situation that cannot be blamed on one particular problem. For years, there has been bad decisions that were made and problems that have led the city to its current predicament. These problems consist of, the economic

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