The Snakes’ Stare Essay

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I threw the car into its brake position, reached for the key, and heard the humming engine die. As I removed the key from the ignition, I stroked the side of my hand against my eyebrows and immediately felt sweat drip down my fingers; the car’s air conditioning hadn’t cooled me off from my tennis lesson yet. The convenience store I stopped at didn’t look well kempt. Actually, it wasn’t kempt at all. That might’ve been why mine and another’s vehicle were the only ones in the parking lot. It felt unnerving. I had just gotten my driver’s license and was on the road alone for the first time. I needed something to drink, so I had to stop, but I thought I might’ve done so at the wrong place. As I opened the convenience door, my bones caught a chill – no doubt a result of the transition from the hot, muggy weather outside to the cool, artificial climate in the building. I flashed a waxing smile to the cash register, and walked to the back of the store as fast as my recently toned legs could take me. Though I hated to admit it, the man smoking a Camel behind the counter was of Arabian descent. This caused a different kind of chill through my body, as the stereotypes my culture had perpetuated seeped into my emotions and triggered a frightful feeling. I glanced past the dilapidated section of alcoholic beverages and a never-before-seen drink caught my eye near the Bug Juice. It had a peculiar shape to it. The promises of extra electrolytes, minerals, and biotin sounded promising, as I assumed those were things that athletes needed. I open the glass door, and removed the blue Florence flask from its shelf. When I returned to the cash register, the price of my drink was already on the small green screen. I handed the man several quarters, because I had no dollar bills. I walked out the door, and it was the most horrifying moment of my life. Not only was I immediately drenched

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