The Smart Car Essay

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1. What is Smart’s competitive advantage? Its brand image? The Smart car boasts several competitive advantages. First is its diminutive size. There is nothing else quite so small. This, in itself, is a unique advantage. Second is Smart’s unique design. It will never be mistaken for an “ordinary” car. Finally, being manufactured by Mercedes holds a distinct advantage. However, when first introduced the Smart Car was called a “motorized ski boot” and other such comments. 2. Assess the U.S. market potential for the Smart. Do you think the car will be a success? Why or why not? The U.S. market may not be ready for this type of car. People in the United States love big comfortable cars. The trend is “I am the car that I own.” The United States is a country where people need to impress others to win. The speed restriction of 80 miles is also not the winning feature. The chance for the car to find its niche in the U.S. market is to advertise its ecological safety. There are people in America who really care about the ecological misbalance nowadays and they might be the projected buyers. 3. Identify other target markets into which you would introduce this car. What sequence of countries would recommend for the introduction? The United Kingdom is probably the first market I would introduce the car. England is not the country of speed. English people prefer comfort but at the same time they are not too demanding about luxurious way of living. The Smart car might be successful because of its simplicity and economical benefits in gas. Other European countries might be a target but not with an extensive supply. Japan and China might be the good market because of their busy life and large population. The economy of space and ecological safety might be the advertised features. 4. Review Case 7-2 on the Honda Element and Toyota Scion. Are these models targeting

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