The Slave Trade And The Effects On African Society Essay

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The Slave Trade and the Effects on African Society The slave trade is a critical part of Africa’s history. Its effects were widespread and are still felt to this very day. It is a topic of extreme significance and in order to understand why it is so important we must analyze how the slave trade affected African society. African society was altered and in some cases completely transformed economically and socially. Before delving into the material, we must first recognize and understand the three different types of slave trades that plagued Africa during the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. These were the domestic, trans-Saharan, and transatlantic slave trades. Little is known about the domestic slave trade due to insufficient data. However, it is clear that it did indeed exist. It is important to know that slavery was not a new concept to Africa. In fact, internal slavery existed in Africa for many years. Slaves included war captives, the kidnapped, adulterers, and other criminals and outcasts. However, the number of persons held in slavery in Africa, was very small. Just as in any European country, people of the higher socio-economic status owned slaves to do labor. The trans-Saharan slave trade was in place by the 9th century and serviced societies of North Africa, the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean Enslaved Africans were used as soldiers, bureaucrats, and domestics (Ugo). Sometimes, in order to put focus on the transatlantic slave trade, the Trans-Saharan slave trade is minimized. However, these two worked hand in hand. Dominating most scholarly discussions, the transatlantic slave trade is constantly under debate. It included the largest and unmatched transoceanic movement of people in history, which included some 12-15 million people that arrived at the New World. Undeterred until the late 19th century, it created a means to exchange

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