The Skinner Project

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The Skinner Project 1) SELECT A TARGET BEHAVIOR: Choose a simple quantifiable personal behavior that you desire to improve, adjust or increase. 2) OPERATIONALIZE the chosen behavior. 3) FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS- Do a 3-day assessment. Measure and record the antecedents, the behavior and the consequences every time the behavior occurs. (CREAT A CHART) 4) ANALYZE the 3-day assessment. Modify your target behavior if necessary. 5) SET UP AN 8-DAY BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PROGRAM for yourself, using positive reinforcement ONLY. Reward the behavior your wish to increase. Do not punish yourself. 6) Produce your affirmation cards (8-10 cards) 7) SET UP REINFORCERS AND REINFORCEMENT SCHEDULE- do not use punishments use positive reinforcement only!! 8) SET UP AN 8-DAY CHART- to track and count your behavior and the application of daily reinforcements. Indicate level of success, use of affirmation cars, etc (CREAT A CHART) 9) If you have a setback do not punish yourself; encourage yourself for the next day, use your affirmation cards and continue the project. 10) STATISTICALLY REPORT YOUR RESULTS using GRAPHS- Graph your functional analysis and GRAPH your 8-day behavior modification. PRINT YOUR PROJECT AS FOLLOWS: • Cover Page (APA style) • Introduction- Introduce B.F. Skinner’s Theory of Operant Conditioning • Method- Discuss your assessment, choice of target behavior, how you operationalized your target behavior and your method of procedure. • Results- discuss your results honestly • Chart #1- your 3-day assessment functional analysis • Chart #2- your 8-day behavior modification program • Graphs- your results, computer generate your graphs, label the axis on your graphs • Graph #1- 3-day assessment functional analysis • Graph #2- 8 day behavior modification program • Conclusion- include your reactions to the project, its usefulness, future plans. •

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