The Skin and Hair as We Age Essay

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Many older adults go through great lengths to fight the effects of aging on the skin, having face lifts, dermabrasion, Botox, coloring hair to hide gray or replacing lost hair. Use the internet to research what happens to skin and hair as people grow old. Growing old and all the changes that occur in the body weather considered positive or negative are all normal events that the typical individual can do little to prevent. Many people choose to accept this fact and many sometimes even welcome it along with there growing wisdom. Sometimes there are exceptions and some will spend countless hours in front of the mirror trying to hide a few gray hairs or attempt to pull off the best comb over possible, some even go to the great length of spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery. I researched the effects of age on the skin and hair and following are some of the most common changes you will encounter as time moves forward. The skin, the bodies largest and most visible organ will go through countless changes during age. Collagen, a naturally occurring protein found in human and animal connective tissues are responsible for giving skin its elasticity. Over time the collagen will get weaker and production slows down gradually this gives the effect of wrinkles on the skin, most noticeably on the face forming expression lines. The sebaceous glands will begin to secrete less sebum (oil), this oil serves a purpose helping protect and lubricate the skin against the environment. This can result in dryer more vulnerable skin. For example you can think of an old sailer or farmer and the weather beaten look they may possess for many years being spent working outdoors. The overall rate at which new skin cells are produced also slows down causing skin to appear more dull and translucent. Blood vessels in the dermis will become more fragile leading a person to be

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