The Single Parent Dilemna Essay

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Trish Jordan The Single Parent Dilemna Instructor Feikema May 8, 2011 Family and childcare issues are a huge part of maintaining a household as a single parent. When there’s only one person working in the household, there’s only one income and one person responsible for the food, lodging, entertainment, health and welfare of the entire house. Any and every issue that may arise, emergency or extracurricular, has to be addressed by the one adult in the household. There are many situations where a parent is single by force and not choice. Even so, most Americans “still view single mothers as detrimental to society” (Morello, 2011). Today’s economy, prices, and necessities all but require a dual-income household. Single parent households should, according to their level of need, be given the option of low-cost before and after-school care, an increase in the earned income tax credit, and lower deductibles for health insurance. Childcare in America is one of the greatest issues a single-parent household faces. The University of North CarolinaPress’ Karen Dudley states that “low-wage employment rarely enables single mothers to achieve the financial independence they desire” (Dudley, 2007). Just like with anything else, there is a very broad price range. This fluctuating price range, at times, determines the level of care, activities, and attention children receive. The lower the price, the less the daycare facility has available for purchasing supplies, paying teachers, and investing in activities for the children. The unjust part of this reality is that it’s typically the single-parent that has to utilize lower-cost daycare just to be able to afford it. Daycare is one of the biggest budget items in a single-parent household. A study in Durham, North Carolina found that “childcare alone takes more than 26 percent of "living income standard" (LIS), an

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