The Singing Tree

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Book Report: The Singing Tree In the historical novel, The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy, the author shows that a common goal among people of different nationalities and religious beliefs is to live a peaceful life. Even when nations become entangled in the destructive acts of the Great War in 1914, the common man still strives for peace. Kate Nagy and her cousin Jancsi, both thirteen years old, and his family represent the common man in Hungary who tries to live in accord with their fellow man. In this book, the Hungarian people live together in peace and harmony, even in wartime, as shown by the Nagy's loving family life, their ability to live and work together with people of different cultures, and their recognition that all men are brothers. Throughout the book, the Nagys illustrate a loving family life. From the very beginning you can still how loving the family is by the roles they portray. The cousins, Kate and Jansci, are as close as brother-sister. Kate even calls her uncle, “Father,” while her real father is away. Mrs. Nagy treats everyone as if they are her own children, including six German children they temporarily adopt and Lilly, another young girl they take in while her father is away at war and her mother is ill. They show love by praying together and praying for enemy countries that are fighting the war against them. Mr. Nagy shows a deep-love for his family when he goes away for the war. He secretly had left them a book with detailed instructions for every day so that they would know how to survive on the farm without him. Love is an action that comes out naturally from all the Nagys and their friends. The Singing Tree demonstrates that people from different cultures may live and work together for the sake of peace and harmony. The Nagys wanted to teach others that being at peace and in harmony with others is what God desires of us. They showed

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