The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart

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The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart is a novella written by Hannah Griffiths. Lucy is a confused teenage girl,with all the problems that comes with that. Lucy is caught between two worlds: the old traditionsand the popular social life with her school friends. Lucy is the perfect characterization of a geek;she behaves well, makes homework and does whatever her mom told her to do. She is a straighta-student with perfect grades. But the special about Lucy is that she hangs out with an other girl,named Bethan. Bethan is bad influence. She is the completely opposite of Lucy. Bethan don’tbehave well. Lucy feels secure and safe in Bethans Company; she doesn’t like being a geek. Deepinside Lucy knows that it’s wrong hanging out with Bethan, but she ignores her thoughts totally.Even though she is very ashamed she is lying to her teacher about her friendship to Bethan due toher embarrassment of hanging out with her. Because Bethan is the popular and though girl at theschool. Everyone looks up to her in some kind, maybe because they don’t dare anything else. Ithink the kids of Lucy’s school is a bit scared of Bethan. Bethan is very insecure, she haves a veryweek personality. Because of her personality, she seeks a way to gain control of Lucy and theother kids. She is using them to her own good. I’m completely sure that Hannah Griffiths havesexperienced this in some way. Hannah wrote the novelle to show younger people how to behaveand don’t do the same thing as she

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