The Sin Bin Or Lucy's Heart

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Analysis and Interpretation of; “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart” This short story could have happen today; it could have happened everywhere, in Nærum and in a hole other country. The main conflict and theme is; a teenage girl’s hard situation and choice of how to grow up, to fit in to the environment and the kids at the school, or to fit in at home with her family. To have your mother to look at you in a bad way, or your best friend but also the coolest girl at school? The theme can be to grow up, making the right choices, to fit in or just as simple as friendship. All these themes or can we call them questions or problems, are what the author tries to show us and maybe answer us trough the short story “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart”. I’ve got the feeling, when I read the text that Lucy truly is a well behaviour girl; she’s a Grade A student and most of the times listen to her mother. But she’s weak and naive, she wants to be liked and to be cool, or maybe she’s just an easy target for group pressure. Her mother tells her not to smoke because it’s bad for her organs etc. Although she know it’s true she does it, because Bethan her popular but bad mannered best friend does it, and had told her that it keeps you skinny. Bethan isn’t only just bad mannered, she also hangs with older boys who has been in prison, and got her sister pregnant. We get the impression that Bethan doesn’t come from a loving and worried family like Lucy’s. Lucy’s mother doesn’t want her to wear make-up, but what will Bethan think if she didn’t? Lucy even hits her old best friend Penny, to show Bethan that they are the new and popular best friend couple. We still get the impression that Lucy don’t want to do these things, but she feels like she have to, to stay friends with Bethan and what friend and friendship is that? The narrator in this short story is a 1st person narrator, in this
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