The Simple Gift Poem Analysis

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English A person’s sense of belonging can be heavily impacted through the connections they make with others throughout their life. This idea can be seen throughout the novel ‘The Simple Gift’ by Steven Herrick. This story is about a teenager named Billy and his journey from a home where he feels no belonging to the western NSW town Bendarat, where he becomes homeless, experiences love and finally finds his place in the world. Another example of an individual tying to make connections is shown in the poem ‘Never There’ by Hannah. This involves a girl trying to get her father’s love while addressing her need to belong. Rejection and identity are explored throughout the two texts as they both show how making connections with others is vital…show more content…
In ‘The Simple Gift’ the personas also have trouble finding their true identity and have to overcome many obstacles to find their sense of belonging. Throughout the poem ‘The Shadows’, techniques are used to show how characters such as Caitlin are still searching for their true identity. In ‘The Shadows’, the juxtaposition between the positions of Caitlin and Billy show a great deal about the mindset of the characters. Caitlin keeps to the shadows, slyly watching Billy in the sunshine help Old Bill with getting out of his carriage. The sunshine represents the good in someone and the shadows symbolize the knowledge that Caitlin lacks about Billy and that she is an outsider in Billy’s home. The polysyndeton ‘...and says “thanks” and that’s when I turn and run” tells a lot about Caitlin’s way of looking at someone. Even though Caitlin doesn’t wish to, she belongs to mainstream society, and this influences how she judges someone. These techniques have shown that through the environment she grew up in and the connection she has with her parents, Caitlin still does not completely understand Billy’s way of life. This impacts her sense of belonging with

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