The Simple Gift Chapter Summary

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o The Simple Gift-summary of individual chapters. Chapter One -Billy feels very negative about the place lives in “My street,My suburb.”he should feel a sense of belonging here because he lives here but the adjectives used to describe the place are very negative as he doesn't feel a sense of belonging to this place “dead -beat” “shithole” “downtrodden” “lonely” “damn place”. All of this indicates the resentment he feels towards to the place he grew up in and the negative experiences of growing up here has been to him. -Its so bad that even the rocks “protest” at having to remain here (pg4)Herrick personifies the rocks to emphasise how negative Billy feels about this “damn place” .The whole street is run-down and unkempt-Herrick shows this through the “broken down truck”, “grass unmown around all the doors”, windows in spencers house broken.The negativity of the place is further emphasises through the description of the weather “The wind howls and the rain sheets in”as he goes to the school.On the train Billy is freezing -the wind and rain hits him “with the force of a fathers punch.”,this provides the reader with insight on the life Billy is leaving behind.

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