The Silver Cross Essay

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Pocahontas Simon English II 1st block Mrs. Lacy Noel The Silver Cross C block was filled with loud noise and overbearing men who puffed on their cigarettes until they were called out for bible study or G.E.D. class. (Imagery) Most of the men were in jail for drug related issues such as manufacturing, burglary or murder. It was the fifth day of solitary confinement for Daddy, a brother from the hood of Cali who was once an undercover police officer. (Character trait) After a few years of being locked down, Daddy decided to distance himself from the ones he loved, his own inner thoughts, and any and everything pertaining to the other world which he knew he would probably never see again. The only thing he held onto from the other world was a small silver chain which held a cross on it that Grandma and Momma once wore.(Flashback) Sixteen years ago, Daddy was married to Momma shortly after she gave birth to Jasmine; the only attendees at the small wedding which took place at the Santa Monica Beach were Daddy’s childhood friend Joseph, a seemingly Christian man, Momma’s parents, and Stacey, Momma’s sorority sister. Grandma was ill and therefore couldn’t attend the wedding, but she called to congratulate them and to thank Momma for helping him better his life. (Exposition) On Sundays they went to visit Joseph who always sat in his mahogany and leather recliner while reading scriptures from his pocket sized bible which he carried everywhere. This was as close as the three of them would ever get. The closest Jasmine ever got to a cross was the one that Daddy passed down to Momma after Grandma died. Jasmine and Momma sat and giggled about Joseph’s thick mustache and his big stomach which always seemed to hang over his belt.(Character trait) Jasmine’s thoughts drifted to Brandon, her current boyfriend. Several thoughts crossed her mind…how smart he is…how good he

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