The Significance of Clarence's Dream Essay

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The Significance of Clarence’s Dream Structure- dream goes through the phases of dying,The keeper often picks out the key words from each section of the dream to emphasize the phases that Clarence goes through. • Escaping tower, Richard helped in his delivery (pun as death is an “escape from life” and Richard is the reason Clarence dies) “I had broken from the Tower” o On boat with Richard going to france- looking back, thinking about the bad things he’s done to his country, thinking of wars between house of Lancaster and York. “There we looked toward England and cited up a thousand times during the wars of York and Lancaster that had befall’n us.” • Richard stumbles and Clarence tries to save him, but Richard seemingly accidentally knocks him over board. “Gloucester stumbled, and in falling struck me, that thought o stay him, overboard” o Clarence dreams about drowning, dreams about pain, physical pain of drowning “me thought what a pain it was to drown” “what sights of ugly death within mine eyes” • Jewels, a thousand dead people- just before he dies, mocking the worthlessness of wealth“A thousand men that fishes gnawed upon, wedges of gold, great anchors, heaps of pearl,” • Return of pain, Clarence wants to die but cannot- “methought I had, I often did strive to yield the ghost; but still the envious flood stopped in my soul and would not let it forth” • Goes into underworld- strange as people usually wake up when they die in their dream, “my dream was lengthened after life” Imagery • ,Jewels are the wealth of noble family, with wealth comes power ( wealth symbol of power), materialism • ,knowing he is going to die, senses brought in to emphasize the image of him dying, knowing he is grown to die, struggle • ,Jewel’s- image from many poems of jewels being in women’s eyes, lures men to the deep…referring to sin (religion) • ,Hell- “then came

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