The Significance of 1912 Essay

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The Significance of the Election of 1912 The election of 1912 remains one of the most significant elections in history. There were three main candidates in this election. They were, William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. There was also a split in the Republican Party, causing a third party to arise during the election. This split lead to a different and unexpected outcome in votes. The recognizing and significance of this election is mainly due to the split in the Republican Party. William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson were the three major candidates in the election of 1912. William Taft represented the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Taft was a quiet, laid back candidate. His first problems arose in the opening months of the election, and his standing was deteriorating. The party began to grow more divided, which is where Roosevelt comes in. Originally, Theodore Roosevelt had no intention of continuing in politics, but the public wanted him to, so he decided to run in the presidential election again. Roosevelt is the progressive element in the Republican party, and is an aggressive, forceful candidate. A threat from an assassin forced Roosevelt to calm down in the last few weeks of the election. When Theodore Roosevelt split from the Republicans and formed the “Bull Moose Party”, his presence on the ballot split the vote, and resulted in a win for the democrat, Woodrow Wilson. As a democrat, Woodrow Wilson saw unity, and didn’t care for the possibility of a split party. Woodrow Wilson was the governor of New Jersey. He appealed to the people who wanted to see change. The election of 1912 is seen as such an important and significant election because of the split in the Republican Party, which gave democrat, Woodrow Wilson, the win and the majority in votes. If the party wouldn’t have split, Woodrow Wilson may not have

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