The Siege by Helen Dunmore

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"The city that will outlive you", that is the introduction to Leningrad as a city giving the impression of its immortality, and that no matter what happens to Leningrad, it will survive. This was before the siege had begun, but even after the siege began "Leningrad still floated in its usual sea of summer calm", which illustrates Leningrad as a beautiful, superior city, further through the siege, Leningrad is said to "float under the late summer sky, borne up by the light that seems to shine from above", this repeated image of "floating" gives a subtle hint that Leningrad will rise from whatever it is going through and will remain on top. Throughout the siege the reader is told about other cities which have fallen, but that throughout it all Leningrad did not fall under the control of the Germans, which further enhances the image of Leningrad being the city that will live. "The light that seems to shine from above" symbolizes hope, giving the city of Leningrad the image of a city filled with optimism. The idea of Leningrad being a hopeful city had already been placed in the readers mind since the beginning when the seasons of Leningrad are described "It's half past ten in the evening but the light of day still glows", this lyrical description with more light portrays the image of beauty and hope and that even though it was "such a late spring, murky and doubtful, clinging to winter's skirts" , spring still comes, beautiful as always, symbolizing hope and rejuvenation. Different aspects of the city also act as representation of, "the Luga line's where we'll hold them, if we hold them anywhere", it gives the Leningraders hope, Lake Ladoga "the ice road" is also a very important part of the city, and even though it failed at first, it eventually came through and was the reason of the Leningrader's survival. But Leningrad is not a perfect city where the air is
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