The Short Story Analysis

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THE SHORT STORY At the end of this, you should be able to do the following: ∙ Identify elements of a short story • Define the various elements of a short story • Demonstrate mastery of short story elements • Do an in­depth analysis of the short stories selected for the course. Types of Fiction In terms of length, we can have the following types of fiction: ∙ Novels ∙ Novella ∙ Short Story What is a short story? Whereas the novel is an extended piece of narrative fiction, the short story is limited in length. Unlike the novelist, the short story writer cannot devote a great deal of time developing a highly complex plot or a large number of characters. Thus, the short story begins close to or at the height of an action and develops one character in­depth. Usually, it concentrates on one incident. What are the elements of the short story? Short stories contain structural and character elements that should be familiar to you. These elements are used as guides to help talk about the actions, themes, and contexts of stories. The elements of the short story include: plot, theme, setting, characterization, point of view, style and language. Plot It is the way in which the events of the story are narrated. The following elements can enrich the plot of a story: flashbacks, foreshadowing, suspense, conflicts (conflict is the struggle between opposing forces) and unexpected events. Traditionally, the events of the story begin with exposition, complication, climax, and finally resolution. Exposition: the writer presents the basic information that readers need to understand the story. It sets the story’s scene, introduces the major characters and

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