Short History Of Indians In Byomas King Summary

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Analysis of "The Short History of Indians in Canada" In Thomas King's "A Short History of Indians in Canada", he clams that the natives used to live closely to the natural before their lands turned into developments of modern society and they could not adopt the modern life style along with these developments. In King’s article, the author subsequently mocked the people who stereotyping the natives with symbols and a great deal of ironies. He is not only make fun of people who have bias towards natives, but also stating that is extremely unfair to treat other human beings like animals. For instance, in a large part of Indian culture, they worship animals and believed that the strength and abilities of these animals can be granted to protect…show more content…
In his article, he writes, " There are Indians flying into the skyscrapers and falling on the sidewalk"(2), and obviously, this is a metaphor that he used to describe Indians. King uses this metaphor to develop his story and emphasize his point. Like the birds that kept flying into the skyscraper and falling, Indians have been living in their culture for many years and it is hard for them to change and adept other culture or customs over a short time or by force. The struggles of the falling birds are also the struggles of the native people. Natives are being judge by their appearance and their life style as they are not very civilized. From this perspective, their history and culture are being ignored. In the article, Bill says to Bob: " By the feathers, we got a book" (2). The "feathers" indicates tribes. Every culture has different tribes, and each tribe has different traditions, beliefs and languages. This shows that the western people think all the natives are the same and they are equally wild. Within this demonstration, the author is explicitly making fun of these who thinks the natives are either intelligent or
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