The Shopping Mall Essay

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The Shopping Mall By Autumn Hamner You walk into a shopping mall and see people happily shopping for the things they need. People are busily walking from store to store, looking in windows, shopping and enjoying themselves. From the young to the old everybody seems to be having a good time. Why do so many people come to one place like a shopping mall? On one hand there are the major department stores like Sears, J C penny’s and Dillard’s with all their discount sales and big advertisements. People can find their major items at these well known stores. They know what services to expect from this store. These big store names people have come to trust, selling the brand names that they know. They may have been buying the same things here for years. The young converge at these places for other reasons. They are looking for the coolest new fashion that’s just come out on the market. There are all these specialty stores selling just one type of item to a certain crowd. You know them right when you see them, all skater type items or the scrub store around the corner. The mall has those specialty stores where you can find that one item that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for that perfect birthday gift you know where to go. These stores in one place are sure to always bring a crowd of some sort. A nice indoor place to get all your special items bought on a rainy day or the hottest day of the year. Some people just like to walk around and get exercise in a safe place. You can do your comparative shopping to get the best deal, see the latest stove out on the market and what price it is, and it’s all under one great big roof, what more could you ask
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